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Come on Forest

Organic liquid mushroom extracts and herbal preparations!

  • Naja Forest organic liquid mushroom extracts are epoch-making products.
  • The production technology of Naja Forest combines the old traditions with the technological achievements of the modern age, the result of which is that the active ingredients of the mushrooms are contained in the form created by nature and in 100%.
  • The history of the Naja Forest brand goes back to the Indians. In 2018, the Hungarian Marketing Association awarded the promotion of the Naja mushroom family in the category of successful, effective marketing solutions and their widespread promotion.
  • Naja Forest Organic Mushroom Extracts is a Product Registered by the National Office of Intellectual Property ®!



Elixir preparations, medicinal teas, cosmetics!

  • 100% Hungarian handicraft manufactory founded in 2017.
  • Its production technology is based on herbs with a high content of active ingredients and folk medicinal traditions.
  • Production is based on the unique active ingredient extraction process, which is also recognized by the national office of intellectual property.
  • The name of its products: HerbaClass, which is a protected name for all European countries.

Research and development

  • It follows the guidelines of traditional folk medicine.
  • Cooperation with researchers, research institutes and laboratories in order to develop products.
  • Their results were published on several Hungarian and foreign portals, which shows the recognition of their innovation and research results.

Trusted Source

Hymato Products Kft.

  • The main activity of Hymato Products Kft. is the production of humic acid-based dietary supplements,
    research and development. The managing director of Hymato Products Kft., Dr. János Csicsor
    In Hungary, he founded humic acid-based products already in the 90s.
  • In recent years, Dr. János Csicsor has been awarded, among other things, for "Natural Medicine
    Award", "Expert of the Year", "OMÉK Grand Prix" and "Entrepreneur of the Year" awards.
  • Liposomal food supplements and cosmetics are an important part of the company's activities
    production. They have their own technology for the production of liposomal vitamins.
    This technology was used for the first time in Hungary.
  • The latest developments and products are related to the microbiome (healthy gut flora).
    Hymato Products Kft. carries out pioneering activities in this area as well.
  • Producing high-quality products is very important to the company. That's why
    their production facility has a GMP quality assurance system, which is the highest
    enables the production of their products.
  • Their best-known product is the HUMINIQUM dietary supplements, which are based on humic acid
    products and contain almost all minerals.


Templar Drop

Templomos Csepp is a traditional, consecrated, immune booster made from natural plant extracts, which is made according to a centuries-old proven recipe. It is an effective anti-inflammatory, protects against viruses and offers general health improvement with its vitamin C and D3 content.

•Product tested in Hungary

• Sacred product. SacrumArgumentum. Sanctification>>

•Made from completely natural organic ingredients

•No side effects


Life is Good With Us


We work every day to satisfy the highest needs of our consumers, so we are constantly expanding our product range at the service of health. We offer the solutions known from folk medicine and dating back to old traditions to our consumer community in a form convenient and enjoyable for our technologically advanced, fast-paced world that offers thousands of opportunities.
We only develop products that we believe in ourselves, and during our research we have made sure that spectacular results can be achieved with the use of the product. We strive for excellent work, not good, but we are only willing to accept first-class results from ourselves. We are only fully satisfied with our results if our three requirements for them are fulfilled at the same time: the improvement must be measurable, visible, and felt during product use. We believe that the outstanding quality of our products helps our consumers to develop a health-conscious lifestyle. This philosophy is also represented by our colleagues working in the HLBS Network, who consider it their profession to make the positive effects of our products known as widely as possible based on real experiences. We hope to welcome you among our enthusiastic customers soon.


Magyar biokozmetikumok a szépségért, szakértelemmel. 


A BIOLA az első magyar, arc- és testápoló, lakossági és professzionális biokozmetikum gyártók egyike. A mai napig úttörőnek számítunk mind a DEMETER minősített biodinamikus kozmetikumok fejlesztésében, gyártásában.


A leghatékonyabb bőrápolás érdekében a BIOLA formulái különlegesek - akár 20 bioaktív gyógynövény és növény kivonatot, hatóanyagot is felhasználunk termékeinkben.


A BIOLA állatkísérlet mentes bio- és natúrkozmetikumokat gyárt. Ezek parabén konzerváló szereket, kőolajból származó olajokat, viaszokat, szintetikus illatanyagokat és SLS-t nem tartalmaznak.


Association of Hungarian Naturopaths


If you want a high-level, thorough education, the Academy of Naturopathy is waiting for you!
One of Hungary's oldest naturopathy training centers will start its 34th year on September 14!