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Dr. István Taraczközi's book "Chiropractic" is a comprehensive and detailed guide to the important procedure of chiropractic. This book has more than 100 figures, an anatomically accurate biometric appendix, and detailed descriptions of dozens of catches.

With the help of the book, readers can gain insight into the world of chiropractic and learn the procedures that can be used to correct blocks and deviations in the body. The book not only provides theoretical foundations, but also describes concrete cases that show how chiropractic grips are used in practice.

Dr. István Taraczközi's experience and expertise guarantee that the book contains reliable and detailed information in the field of chiropractic. With the help of illustrations and the biometrics appendix, readers can understand exactly the anatomy of the body and the areas to focus on during treatments.

This book is ideal reading for anyone interested in chiropractic, whether they are patients, professionals or simply curious. Detailed descriptions and case reports help readers understand and apply chiropractic techniques in their own lives or professional activities.

Dr. István Taraczközi's book "Chiropractic" is a reliable and useful guide that provides everyone with access to the world of chiropractic and body harmonization.

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