We present our high-quality products, which we have selected for you with the authentic recommendation of the Association of Hungarian Naturopathic Physicians. The key to health and well-being lies in the power of nature, and we reflect this philosophy in our product range.

With us, everyone can find the product that best suits them, be it herbal extracts, vitality-enhancing preparations or dietary supplements. All our products are thoroughly tested and safe, so you can confidently enjoy the positive effects they offer.

Logo usage

Products and services bearing the quality emblem and recommendation of the Association of Hungarian Naturopathic Physicians serve to support natural remedies and a healthy lifestyle. The importance of the logo and recommendation offers the following advantages for companies:

Benefits of using a logo


Authenticity and reliability

The emblem and recommendation represent the quality guarantee of the Association, which increases the confidence of customers in the product or service.

Free Exhibition opportunity

Free exhibition opportunity at the Naturopathy Congress every year!

Summer Lifestyle Camp Camp

Free presentation for companies, for the lifestyle camp to be held in the summer.

Dr. Taraczközi AI Chat

Dr. Taraczközi's AI Chat system is at the forefront of innovation and technological development in the field of health and naturopathy. The inclusion of products in AI Chat means that companies also benefit from this advantage and also express their commitment to innovative solutions.
AI will recommend your products to customers based on their illnesses.

Advertisements by Dr. Taraczközi

The Dr.Taraczkö website is under continuous advertising, which means that if you are included as a logo user, people will see your company through our website as well!

Marketing and communication advantage:

Featured partners can enjoy the appearance of their own, individual advertising films/materials announced on the association's Facebook page.

Professional support for company events

Dr. Istán Taraczközi will perform at events organized by your company!


Annual symposium of companies using the logo (brainstorming), where company managers meet and share their experiences, both in relation to products, distribution and production. Also, they formulate a joint agreement of interests. At this event, the companies can get to know each other and each other's operations.

Market Advantage

Products and services bearing the logo stand out from the competition, as they are proven to meet the quality and ethical standards expected by naturopaths.

  • For current Partners

    We provide a free opportunity for our current partners to exhibit their products.

  • Not for partners

    Exhibitor stand: HUF 300,000

  • Lecture

    Marketing presentation: HUF 350,000,

Application for Partner/Exhibitor